District Council service to collect fridges and freezers temporarily suspended

Hampshire County Council has advised the District Council that there is a national backlog of fridges and freezers for recycling that is going to have an impact on the services available to residents.  The HWRCs (tips) are full to capacity for fridges and freezers as is the County’s additional storage. They will not be accepting any more fridges or freezers at any of the sites.

They are also near to capacity at the disposal points used when collecting fridges and freezers as part of the bulky waste service or from fly-tips. As the District Council already has 58 fridges and freezers booked for collection over the next four weeks, it has decided to suspend the collection of fridges and freezers as part of the bulky waste service going forward.

This situation will not affect the response to clearing fridges and freezers that have been fly-tipped. These will be collected as normal and it is looking at storage options for when the disposal points are no longer able to take them. We will be monitoring the number of fridges and freezers that are fly-tipped.

For further information please see the webpage on the District Council’s website: https://www.newforest.gov.uk/article/978/Bulky-Waste-Collection